10 best Game Boy emulators for Android

Game Boy emulators for Android


Game Boy consoles evolved and revolutionized the whole gaming empire. They packed up and sealed fun and gaming into a small, hand-held gift box that was sure to create a craze. Well, “create a craze” it did and now with Game Boy emulators, we can bring back the fun. Let’s dive into the Game Boy emulator jungle, and list the 10 kings of this jungle.


1. GBC.emu  ($ 2.99)

GBC.emu is a Robert Broglia brainchild, owning a large share of Android emulators’ download lists. This emulator offers a clean interface coupled with a great overall performance. It is equipped with smooth controls that allow for on-screen layout control. More so, if you don’t want to wrap your fingers around your Android device, fear not. It is compatible with external controllers.

The emulator offers good ROM capabilities, being also able to handle both .gb and .gbc formats. You can always get some more fun with cheats as it supports cheat codes in Game Genie and Gameshark formats. However, it lacks link cable support, time rewinding and it has a price tag.


2. GBC.emu (FREE)

Although this App appears to be a free version of the GBC.emu by Robert Broglia, it has been developed by V Android. It seeks to offer the features of Robert’s GBC.emu but at zero cost. Though it does a nice job to replicate the paid version, it does however has its own flaws. For instance, this free version lacks the pivotal ability of the paid version to change the screen layout of the controls. It is a nice alternative to the paid version but its lack of updates means more bugs than Robert’s GBC.emu.


3. My OldBoy ($3.99)

At its hefty price tag, this emulator from Fast Emulator, packs heavily in terms of emulator ammo and stands as a respected Game Boy emulator. My OldBoy offers a clean interface with a good on-screen layout option that allows you to even change the sizes of controls. It provides a good game compatibility with lots of games with fast emulation. It further supports link cable emulation over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It also allows for fast forwarding and slow motion modes with support for external controllers. It further supports different orientations with tilt sensors to enable that. This emulator lives to its price tag and offers an awesome Game Boy gaming experience right on your Android device.


4. My OldBoy! (Free)

This is a free version of the full and paid version, My OldBoy. It packs impressive features on its own, which is quite impressive for its zero-price tag. The free version has all the basic elements that you would need from a Game Boy emulator to allow you to play on your Android device. However, being a free version, it lacks in a number of features. This include the lack of 2X fast forwarding, multiple cheats and tilt sensor emulation. Otherwise, it is a smooth emulator.



5. John GBC ($2.75)

This emulator by John emulators has lived to carve out its share of the emulator market. At its friendly price tag, this emulator has been able to offer a great overall performance with a pump of extra features for an awesome experience. The emulator offers an on-screen keyboard with customizable keys and with the ability to take screenshots for that “share moment”. With smooth gameplay and quality rendering, it is able to handle zipped files and search for game files in your SD card and internal storage. A big feature is its ability to fast forward and slow down play. Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth controller support and Dropbox. The emulator handles cheats like a pro and has no ADS and requires no internet connection. A masterpiece.


6. John GBC lite (Free)

John GBC lite is a lighter, free version of the paid John GBC. This lite version has been developed with users in mind, having the useful features of the bigger John GBC. It provides a smooth gameplay experience, with the impressive fast forward and slow down features. It is meant to give you a feel and the experience of the paid full version. The lite version is targeted at Android devices that may not be compatible with the paid version due to its requirements. This would mean that although it has a lot of impressive features from the paid version, it lacks some. For instance, this version has ADS and may require internet connection.


7. Nostalgia GBC (Free)

Designed and built by Nostalgia Emulators, this emulator is decent and neat, offering a user-friendly and simple user interface. It has fast forwarding abilities as well as slow down abilities. Particularly unique about this emulator is its rewind option that lets you go back a few seconds within your gameplay giving you a chance to rectify made errors. It provides turbo buttons, good graphics and offers keyboard support. Cheat codes are fully supported as well as screenshots. It is simple yet powerful.


8. Retro Arch (Free)

This emulator by Libretro is a no ADS emulator that uses installable cores and specifically uses a Libretro interface. It lacks in some of the many features of other emulators but has high compatibility and it’s totally free. It however is not quite easy to use and requires some bit of learning. It is however a neat and free emulator.


9. Tiger GBC (Free)

The Tiger GBC is a small, compact Game Boy emulator that offers a good set of features. It is a free application that allows for saves and loads with virtual onscreen touch keys. It further allows you to customize keys to meet your needs. It is compatible with lots of games and has ability for Rom downloads. It also provides support for WiiMote.


10. Classic Boy (Free)

A PortableAndroid creation that seems to offer emulation to a wide range of game consoles. It is a compact built emulator that has sensor settings, audio reverb and supports external controllers. However, it does not have so many features.


All these Game Boy emulators provide great service but there had to be a list and some had to lead while others followed. Happy gaming!

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