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Smartphones have many fun games, this games are addictive. You want to play again and again. We have compiled best smartphone games here!


Smartphone Games: Quiz Up

Quiz up is the most popular quiz game is designed to measure your general knowledge. You can play against random people from all over the world. Quiz Up has thousands of different categories, some of them are really very interesting. You will love this game!

Smartphone Game: 2048

2048 is one of the hardest mental game in smartphone games. You are trying to achieve by 2048. Many people play this game these days.

Smartphone Games: Clash of Clans

One of the most popular smartphone games is also Clash of Clans. You’ve certainly seen this game. It is a war strategy game. Built the village, educating soldiers and play with million other peoples. It sounds so much fun!

Smartphone Games: Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is an action defense game, which includes fantasy elements. Can be played on smartphones with Android operating system. Are you ready to defend your kingdom?
After playing this game you may want to run out into the street. Do not be surprised! Many people feel like that! The character is running to escape and hathering trophy. It is very hard to play first, but don’t quit. You will be master with time and game become more funny! It has a second version, but we must say second one is more difficult!

You know this game from Facebook notifications! It is a popular game as you understand from many notifications. You can play against your friends and share your success online.

Smartphone Games: Where Is My Water

Where Is My Water is an amazing game but many people don’t have any idea about it. Aim is the reach the cute crocodile to water and finding some hidden object.

These smartphone games are funny and best way to spend your spare time. We recommend you try some of them as you wish.

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