Top 10 Best VR / Google Cardboard Apps

Top 10 Best VR Google Cardboard Apps

Google Cardboard (G.C.) is a brilliant toy and a wicked gift idea. It will turn your Android 4.1+ phone to a virtual reality headset in an instant. Last year’s release of Google Cardboard gave us an early taste of the virtual reality world though content offerings were quite blunt and underwhelming. Anyway, there is good news for those of us who gave up on its scant early offerings or those who have not tried it yet. Content for Google Calendar has now expanded and there is plenty of genuine content available for downloading.

Wading through the available content can be quite hard so we have done the hard yards and picked out our Top 10 Best VR / Google Cardboard apps;


Cartoon Village VR

This is a cute application that puts you in a colourful and bright 3D cartoon environment. It lets you move in between different scenes, each with amazing graphics that will surely blow your mind. You have the option of changing the time and season of the day, tweak its camera mode and your walking speed. Not much happens in the cartoon village, but the butterflies and leaves fluttering around are particularly cool.



Cardboard Camera

This new Cardboard Camera app allows you to take 360 degree stereoscopic panoramas on your phone. What’s more, you can record audio so that your friends or family who have Google Cardboard will know whatever they are looking at.




Orbulus is a virtual take on a modern-day art gallery. The app has a collection of 360-degree still images with amazing graphics and immersive sound from different places and scenes around the world. This must have VR smartphone app is surprisingly compelling and will allow you to explore numerous places be it the Sydney Opera House, Paris at night or even San Francisco’s Chinatown.



BombSquad VR

This is an arcade game with platform elements where you will have a good time avoiding all kinds of bombs and capturing flags. One plays with up to 8 players and must complete all levels competitively. It costs around $2.99 and needs a second device as the controller or a separate, third-party controller.




This VR video application lets you explore various, beautiful places such as mountains, ocean scenes or old iconic buildings. In all its simplicity, it offers a great VR experience.



End Space VR

This is a first-person flight shooter whereby one pilots a space ship while shooting down other ships. It’s technically an infinite-runner VR app which gives you three environments to fly around in. It comes at $1.09 and lacks in-app purchases making it great steal.



Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR is a must-have application for any VR owner. It offers some sort directory of all the VR content that can be found on the web in one place. This includes content such YouTube as well as 3D and 360 content. It also comes with a VR video player in case one has local files they want to check out, a VR camera, a VR browser and a 360-degree VR photo gallery.




Hardcode is a new VR game and one that requires both a controller game pad and a VR headset. In this third-person shooter game, one marches through various campaigns and has to kill different bad guys. It supports local multiplayer meaning that you can do VR battles with your family or friends in one room.



Insidious VR

The VR experience of Insidious is fairly intense. You get a voice-guided tour to the afterlife in the most horrific way. It’s a tad short but the fact that it’s entirely free makes it great for a temporary download.




Vrse is an interesting story telling application. It takes you through sweeping graphic and landscapes as you listen to the stories. It is considered one of the best examples of VR to date and is totally free to use.


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