Nova Launcher version 4.3

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher, one of the most well-liked third party Android launcher, has received a new beta edition that packs in numerous rather striking new features. The second beta for Nova 4.3 introduce a new Night Mode to involuntarily darken several screen elements in the evening, and abundance of new configuration option for your Google explore bar.

The major new feature with this beta is the beginning of Night Mode. Nova Launcher could now be configured to automatically exchange the search bar, app drawer, as well as desktop folders over to a dark subject throughout the night. Night time could either follow your scheme time, be set to auto mode base on your location, or else always on if you like the dark idea enough.

Nova Launcher is the emperor of Android launchers. With features in abundance, it’s the eventual way to modify your smartphone. You can astonish spectators, confuse the unaware and save valuable seconds, frequently simultaneously. The total number of options can be intimidating, though, and many are frequently overlooked. Here’s a run-down of the most helpful Nova Launcher tips plus tricks.


  1. Hidden folders

Here is a great method to access all your most usually used apps quickly as well as without littering up your home display. You can create an app folder that is concealed appearing only as an icon of your choose. When pressed, the icon would open the first app, however when you swipe up, it would open the folder, showing the complete range of connected apps.


  1. Swipe action on apps

Another method to make use of the swipe action is to open apps that are connected to other apps. I have got the camera icon place to open the Gallery app while I swipe, for example, and swipe up on the Google Calendar app let me add a reminder. I as well use this to open Messenger through a swipe up on the Facebook app image.


  1. Swipe action on the home screen

You’ve actually got to make the majority of those swipe action. The final way I use them is by addition a swipe-up sign to the home display to open the app drawer, a dual-fingered swipe up to unlock Nova settings as well as a double-fingered swipe downward to open Google Now, together with a few others, however you could choose whatever suit you best.


  1. dual tap to lock

While this choice could just be integrated in the section above, it seem worth highlighting, since it’s something I use a lot plus is easily overlooked.


  1. Smooth scroll

If you put the similar widget on manifold launcher screen and employ Nova Launcher’s wipe up scroll effect, it produces a really pleasant way of moving among screens, with the widget residual in place all through.


  1. Experimental feature and debugging

You could access a secret menu, contain experimental feature and debugging option, by hold the Volume Down button whilst in Nova Settings. Once you have held it down for a second or else two, a new alternative called Labs must be accessible at the bottom of the menu.


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