How to take screenshots on Android

take screenshots on Android

Taking screenshots on a PC is easy, just press print screen and voila! You have your screenshot ready. But what do you do on an android phone or tablet where there is no print screen button?

At times you have an urgent need to share your android phone screen with someone, at such times you miss the ease of a laptop or PC that allows you to take a screenshot with the click of a button. If you are a blogger you need to take a lot of screenshots to explain the procedure of whatever you are discussing on your blog. Your tablet allows you to do just about everything but not take a print screen. If you are an app developer, you need to take a screenshot to explain your app. People have varied reasons for taking a screenshot. With changing hardware, the procedure of taking a screenshot on your smartphone or tablet also varies. Here we are going to discuss how to take screenshots on your smartphones of different brands.

Taking a screen shot on your android smartphone or tablet requires pressing of two buttons one is the power button and the other is the volume down key. Alternately if your tablet or smartphone has a home button, then pressing the power key and home button. If you press the correct button combination your screen will flash accompanied by the shutter sound of the camera. Occasionally a pop-up message will come showing that the screenshot has been taken. Some smartphones offer the screenshot option on the power menu. Here you have to press the power button for long enough, wait for the power menu to appear on the screen then select take screenshot and your task is done. This method is easier when pressing combination of different buttons is difficult.

Different smartphones have different methods of taking screenshots. For instance, if you want to take a screenshot on the Samsung galaxy note series you can do so using the stylus pen. In some Samsung smartphones you can take the screen shot by sweeping the screen by the side of your palm.


Taking screenshots on Samsung smartphone or tab

Devices that have a physical home button

For many Samsung tabs and smartphones with a physical home button, you can take a screen shot by pressing the power button and home button. Just press the two buttons till the screen flashes and there is a camera shutter sound, your device will give you a notification that the screenshot has been captured.

Devices that don’t have a physical home button

In such a situation the button combination is the volume down and power button. Some tabs also have a quick launch button that can be set to take screenshots.

On Samsung devices that have the stylus pen, it can be used to take screenshots. You have to just pull the pen and launch air command, if it does not launch automatically select screen write. Samsung devices have various options of taking the screenshot.


Taking screenshot on HTC Smartphone or tab

Taking screenshots on HTC Smartphone or tab also involves pressing the home button and the power button. In this one however, you have to hold the power button down and quickly press the home button. The screen will flash and you will hear audible sound that the screenshot has been taken. There will also be a pop up confirming that the screenshot has been saved.


Taking screenshot on Sony Smartphone

On Sony Xperia phone the combination to take a screenshot is volume down button plus power button. Hold down both the buttons till the screen flashes and the screenshot thumbnail appears on screen. A notification appears on the notification menu that the screenshot has been captured.


Taking a screenshot on LG Smartphone

On LG Smartphone the combination is volume down plus power button. Press these buttons for a long time until the screen flashes. A notification notifying of the screenshot capture appears on the screen. The quick memo option also allows you to take screen shots and also allows you to add your own text or doodle on the screenshot.


Capturing a screenshot on your android device is easy and you can easily share your screen with anyone. Now that you know the procedure go ahead click a screenshot and share it with your friends.

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