Most Common Problems With The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – How To Fix them

How To Fix Galaxy S7

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 Edge are the best and impressive Android smartphones. It has powerful and features packed such as 12- megapixel camera, water resistance, IP68 dust, bigger screen and micro-SD that allow storage expansion. However, the smartphone are perfect though they come with issues. Here are most common problems with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and how to fix them.



There are reports of overheating from the owners that the Galaxy S7 Edge is experiencing uncomfortably warm. This is because of Application and Games downloading and installing. In a situation your smartphone is experiencing overheating, they are ways to tackle the issue. The problem usually occurs when you are charging the phone and the same time you are using.If the handset is heating up without any intrusion, it could be down to fast-charge setting. The Samsung model uses adaptive fast charging technology, so the best way to fix the problem is to turn these setting off. It can be achieved by going to settings then battery, and you turn fast cable charging off. Furthermore, if you encounter overheating despite you are not charging or using, you go to settings, then battery to battery usage then more go to optimize battery usage, and you tap an icon All Apps.


Buttons And Capacitive Keys Become Unresponsive

Galaxy S7 Edge users have experience power button, keys and volume down button becoming unresponsive suddenly as well as the physical home button. This issue is mostly found in Galaxy S7 Edge only. The problem can be fixed by booting the device into safe mode, or you can uninstall some Applications you recently added before you encounter the problem. In additional reset can tackle the issue, you can press and hold the power button and volume down button and wait for the phone to restart restarting works.Furthermore, when the home buttons and recent Apps fail to work the culprit is car mode you should turn off the setting of the car mode, and it will fix the problem.


Bluetooth Connection Issues

There are cases where Samsung S7 Edge users encounter Bluetooth connectivity problems that hinder the smartphone from connecting to car headphones and audio systems. Bluetooth may fail to send music or contact information correctly. The problem can be fixed by, you go to Settings, Applications then Application Manager, tap on more and select Show system Applications.In scrolling down you will find Bluetooth Share tap it to open.Force the Bluetooth sharing to stop and clear date and cache this will solve the problem.Moreover, you can wipe your smartphone cache partition, and it can fix the problem.


Camera Failure

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users have experienced the problem when opening the camera app, the screen is blank, and they find a notification warning camera failed error. This can be caused by the array of things, but they are the potential solution to it.It is caused by Smart stay feature.The feature uses the front camera to keep track when you are looking at the phone this create problems when you are loading the rear camera. The issue can be fixed by disabling the smart stay which is achieved by the head to settings then display then go to turn off the smart stay and try the camera. If the issue persists, you are required to reboot the phone by holding the power down or going to settings then app manager and force stopping the camera application.


Oversensitive Screen And Buttons

Many users find that the touch navigation screen and a touch screen is too sensitive, and the palm-rejection feature is not working properly. The problem can be caused when you grip the phone in a way while when trying to take a photo or when trying to type a message on the keyboard. The screen protector can lessen the sensitivity of the screen and keep protection of the screen from any scratches. The problem of an oversensitive screen and buttons can be fixed by going to settings, then to a system then go to about device then software update so as to check if there is the latest version of Touch Wiz.


MicroSD Card Pop –Up

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users complain about persistent popping up of the SD card.The phone gives you the message Eject or Explore the SD card.It can be swiped away, but it returns after rebooting or pop up randomly. This issue should come when the SD card is mounted but if it happens without rebooting then the card as an issue.The problem can be fixed by turning off your smartphone and remove the card.After removing the card replace it to the same position carefully then you slide the tray closed slowly. However, if the problem persists use another Micro SD card to check if the card is not at fault.

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