HTC 10 Review

HTC 10 Review

Stepping into the Android arms competition almost 8 weeks after Samsung as well as LG exposed the best they have, HTC may be somewhat late to the game, but however, it’s definitely returning strong along with the HTC 10. The smartphone precisely measures 5.75 x 2.82 x 0.36 inches, with a weight of 5.67 oz. It is a tall as well as a big phone that cannot be labeled as compact, even though we wouldn’t state that these measurements are irrational, either. In this HTC 10 review, we will take a look at the major features of the smartphone.


Like the majority of the top smartphones these days, the HTC 10 includes a Quad High Definition resolution 5.1-inch display screen along with a really high pixel density of 563 pixels every inch. The phone’s panel is actually Super LCD 5 having a 35% richer color range. This panel is updated to movie color qualities and, therefore, films look really spot-on to the vision of the director. It has also been enhanced for 50% better sensitivity to even the fastest and smallest finger movements.


Like the majority of the top quality smartphones of 2016, the brand new HTC 10 is driven by Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm’s latest processor. It features a quad-core CPU that clocks at as much as 2.3 GHz and is combined with 4GB RAM memory. You will find 32 GB of storage space on the base model, plus it also seems to feature an eMMC memory instead of UFS. Along with the custom Krait cores, highly effective Adreno 530 graphics device, as well as an all-encompassing collection of connectivity as well as security technology, the Snapdragon 820 happens to be Qualcomm’s most effective cellular chipset up to now and, therefore, sighting it in many America-bound top quality mobile phones makes sense.


HTC is not scared of reconsidering its selection of technology if it needs to. HTC 10 highlights this simply by saying “bye” to the front-facing audio speakers for a revolutionary approach which observes the earpiece turned into a high-frequency tweeter which is extremely directional whilst the other speaker is updated for a low-frequency response plus is naturally omnidirectional. Both function in tandem, sticking with a design, like that of standard stereo speakers. Each speaker is powered by separate audio receivers to effectively increase output subject to background noise. Furthermore, the smartphones include a 24-bit digital sound converter competent at playing a high-resolution audio.


HTC was not unnecessarily very humble in presenting the HTC 10’s digital cam setup. The significant thing is the inclusion of OIS in the front as well as rear cams which is a relatively big deal taking into consideration that 99% of the other devices with OIS just feature it for the back camera. It is meant to provide steady photographs from both the units, assisting the phone to cope with your normal hand movements. The phone includes a 5MP frontal camera along with large, 1.35 micron-sized pixels, 24mm focal length, autofocus, plus 1080p-resolution movie recording.

Turning the focus to the back camera, there is a 12MP HTC Ultra Pixel 2 unit along with big, 1.54 micron-sized pixels plus a lot of goodies such as 25mm focal length, laser autofocus, LED flash, wide f1/8 aperture, RAW photograph, manual controls, as well as a 4K-resolution film recording assistance.


Looking to provide on its assurance of as much as 2 days of “regular” usage, HTC packed a 3000mAh battery within the smartphone and also integrated an innovative “PowerBotics” system which is designed to aid in increasing the life of the battery by as much as 30%. There is also the Qualcomm Quick Charge assistance, and every single HTC 10 features a quick charger inside the box. The smartphone can easily fill the battery to approximately 50% in only about half an hour.

Bottom line

From the above-mentioned HTC 10 review, it is now apparent that this brand new gadget appears like a properly thought-out phone, both inside as well as outside. The outstanding design as well as hi-tech hardware even out the playing arena between it and the remaining 2016 flagship group, whilst optimizations as well as choices created for delighting customers at heart – the ultra-sensitive touch screen, the severely tricked-out cams, and the overall performance adjustments on the application side – might help it in winning some necessary attention from pundits and customers as well.

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