Samsung Galaxy S7 Review


Over the past few years, Samsung has been releasing excellent smartphones in the market. The recent release of Samsung Galaxy S7 has taken the Smartphone market by storm. Samsung Galaxy S7 has more advanced features as compared to similar phones in the market. Here an honest review of Samsung Galaxy S7.


What is new in Samsung Galaxy S7?

The Galaxy s7 has major improvements as compared to its predecessors. Galaxy S7 includes a microSD slot that was not available in the previous models. The phone has elongated SIM card drawer which eliminates the needs for the second slot. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S7 is dust and water-resistant – a feature that was not present in the previous models. In this case, the phone can be submerged up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1.5 meters without getting damaged. The idea behind this is to protect the phone from rain and spills.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Review


Galaxy S7 has a 5.1-inch AMOLED display just like the predecessor- Samsung Galaxy S6. The high resolution of the S7’s screen produces crystal clear images. The S7 has perfect contrast since each pixel produces its own light, so there is no leakage. Moreover, the Galaxy S7 has superior quality with numerous options to choose from.

On the other hand, the auto-brightness mode in Samsung Galaxy S7 has been disabled. The previous models of the Samsung have auto-brightness which allows the phone to adapt to the external lighting conditions.


Samsung Galaxy S7 has a glass sandwich design and metallic finish. Unlike its predecessors, this phone has a shiny look that looks like a freshly polished jewelry. Of all the Samsung Galaxy phones, Galaxy S7 is one of the most beautiful phones in the market.

The downside of the of the S7’s glossy finish is that it looks terrible when covered by greasy fingerprints. In this case, you will need to wipe this phone several times a day to maintain its shiny looks. Fortunately, the oleopholic coating has been applied to the Gorilla Glass 4. In this case, you can easily remove the grease with a few scrubs to restore its shine.

The phone has a single speaker and headset jack next to the Micro USB socket. The power button is on the right side of the phone while volume buttons are on the left side. Moreover, the combined MicroSD and SIM card tray are on the top edge of Samsung Galaxy S7.


Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is more improved than its predecessors. The S7’s camera allows more light to the sensor than its predecessor S6. Therefore, S7 has faster shutter speed and clearer images. In this case, noise is minimized thus producing more detailed images. The S7’s camera is unique as compared to its predecessors. In fact, there are higher chances of getting sharp images in low-light situations even when the target is moving.

Conclusively, Samsung Galaxy S7 has an excellent camera. Although the colors are not good as that of S6, Galaxy S7 is more reliable and works regardless of the lighting conditions.

Performance and battery life

Samsung Galaxy S7 uses a processor that increases the performance of CPU by 30% while increasing up to 64% for GPU. It compromises of two quad-core CPUs, a 2.3GHz for demanding tasks and another one at 1.6GHz for lightweight jobs. Moreover, the S7 has 4GB RAM and 32G internal storage. The good news is that S7 has expandable storage using a microSD slot found in the SIM card tray.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 features an advanced liquid-cooling system, which cools the phone more effectively than conventional methods. In this case, the phone performance is increased due to the effective cooling of the CPU and GPU. This makes Galaxy S7 highly-responsive than the predecessors.

Although this phone has great performance, it does not have a negative impact on the battery life. However, this is not the case with S7 because it has a 3,000mAh battery. It has longer battery life than the previous models. A fully-charged charged battery of S7 can last up to18 hours under heavy usage.


Samsung Galaxy S7 is undoubtedly better than s6 and its rivals. It has a better camera and excellent performance. Moreover, the phone has storage expansion and superior battery life. Unlike the similar phones, its weather-proofing feature makes Samsung Galaxy S7 the most outstanding smartphone in the market

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